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Marcus M. Aquino, MD, FACS, FRCS  is certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow (UK).  He has been in practice at the Texas Medical Center and the Galveston Bay Area for the last 30 years.

Initially trained in mesh free repair (Shouldice) he was an early adopter and ardent proponent of the tension free (Lichtenstein) mesh repair. He is experienced in the use of both synthetic and biological meshes, where appropriate, in hernia repair.  Dr. Aquino is skilled in the care of simple groin and umbilical hernias as well as the reconstruction of complex incisional (using component separation techniques), recurrent and colostomy hernias.  Robotically assisted laparoscopic techniques are often used in the repair of most hernias as postoperative pain is minimal  and rapid return to work and normal activities is usually achieved.

His office and private operating suite is in the Galveston Bay area in scenic Seabrook, TX.

The practice has a catchment area extending well into East Texas / Beaumont, TX  and SouthWest Louisiana / Lake Charles, LA.



Dr. Aquino places great emphasis on a personable relationship with his patients, often employing a tactful combination of humor and empathy.

Marcus lives in La Porte / Shoreacres, by Galveston Bay and enjoys contract bridge, sailing, swimming, gardening and cooking Indian food in his spare time. He is an amateur architect, a classically trained pianist and is, on occasion, allowed to sing bass/baritone in his church choir.

The Latin motto (Sedo et Sano) on his family coat of arms translates... "Soothe and Heal"